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3D Miniatures printing is necessary for gaming, architectural, movies among others. Architects have to submit their structural models wherein they need human figurines in various parts of their model. Even animation movies & gaming need 3D miniatures models’ in the form of superheroes in the movie.

While Plastic, Metal or Paper are the raw materials to make miniature figures. Also for augmentation of the visual aspects of a game & track position, facing, and line of sight of characters.

Moreover, the best part is you can also make your own 3D printing 3D selfie. ‘Selfies’ have become popular with people today; wherein they capture their own picture or with a group of people.

So before creating the 3D Miniature, you have to scan the object & then you can proceed with the further procedure; as in design the object & printing it.

Finally, 3D miniatures are typically painted and can be artfully sculpted, making them collectible in their own right.

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