What is a miniature?

As the name suggests miniature (mini) is a version of something in smaller terms and which looks real. It illustrates something that is a small replica of an object. Example of miniatures in today’s life can be a small kitchen set for children to play, a statue of god/goddess, a small representation of a building that is going to be constructed. Also, many more things which can be described in smaller terms. Miniature making includes 3D miniature painting, miniature statues, miniature effects in films, miniature photography etc.

3D Miniature making process:

FDM Technology plays a very important role in making of a cheap miniature. FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modelling. It is used to print 3D miniature by using different types of materials like PLA, ABS, and Polycarbonate etc. Following is the process of miniature making through FDM technology:

  1. Browsing: First most stage is to browse the design of your 3D miniature. Many databases are available where people around the world post unique as well as simple designs.

  1. This step includes working on your design and providing assistance to software for achieving results. Selecting the modeling software that will bring your design to life. Working on software (setting length, width, height, and other necessary things). It will help to achieve a computerized 3D view of the design.


  1. Next step is basically known as ‘Slice it up’ which means to load your model into a slicer. A slicer is a software that cuts your model into layers. Through this, the 3D printer will be able to recognize it easily and create a file of it. It includes setting up of layer, Brim, brush etc.

  1. The fourth step is to get that file to your 3D printer, now that can be done in many ways. It also depends on the type of 3D Printer used. For example, using an SD card to place the file on the printer.



  1. FDM printer uses a filament.  This Filament is heated until melted and then extruded layer by layer. It results in the 3D object. The design so selected gets converted into a model. Hence sliced, ready to get its physical property through FDM Printer. This printer will add metal filament layer by layer and slowly it will result in an object.


  1. The last step includes giving finishing to the 3D miniature by trimming, smoothing it out, and paint it how you like.

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