When it comes to 3d printing, we have already made you aware of the pros it has but it is also our responsibility to let you know about whole 3D Printing process.

Here are the steps of 3D Printing-

  • The first main requirement for 3d printing is 3D Printer(FDM) – Fused Deposition Modeling. This device acts as a pillar to your building (model). A filament spool of thermoplastic is first loaded in the printer. Its then fed to the extrusion head and in the nozzle where it melts.
  • The head of the system allows it to get attached in a 3-axis system that moves it in three directions named X Y Z. Then the melted material is extruded in thin strands layer by layer. Cooling Fan is used to instantly cool the model at every layer.
  • When each layer is finished the build platform moves down and a new layer is started. This process repeats in itself until the model is completed.
  • Every machine has its own requirements for the preparation of the job. Different sections of the print cool down at varied rates, their dimension also changes at a different rate.
  • So now it’s almost time to take your object out of the printer carefully. We would suggest you use proper precautions while removing the 3D Printed object from the Heat Bed of 3D Printer.
  •  Your object is ready for the use.

We hope you enjoyed as well as learned how the process actually works. Gather all the knowledge and use it to prepare the best 3D models in the world.

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