A Game Changing Technology: Metal 3D Printing

Metal is the third most used additive manufacturing material. As metal 3D printing allows it to produce fully functioning parts with high mechanical properties. Also, geometries that would otherwise have been impossible with traditional manufacturing techniques. Making metal and plastic objects through traditional manufacturing can be a wasteful process as lots of material is cut away. Whereas metal 3D printing reduces waste to a minimum and it uses less energy.

The finished 3D product can be up to 60% lighter compared to machine parts. The aviation industry uses metal 3D printing and it alone among other industries saves billions of dollars through weight reduction. Each material used for metal 3D printing offers a combination of aesthetic as well as practical properties to suit varied products including miniatures, jewellery, prototypes, kitchenware, and the likes.

Here’s some insight into the game-changing technology

1. Aluminum is the most recommended metal material for 3D printing Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Maraging, Inconel and Cobalt. These are the main metal material used for 3D printing. Aluminum (62%) is the most recommended; followed by Stainless Steel (22%) and Titanium (8%).

2. Metal 3D printing is used for printing a small number of objects. Most users use it for one or two objects and then there are only a few who use it to print three or more objects.

3. Cost reduction is the main reason for using metal 3D printing. Also, most people go for production of a small batch; a reason for the same might be that it allows testing a product on a small number of clients before modifying the next batch.

4. The complexity of design is another reason to choose metal 3D printing. Also here people go for a small batch of production.

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