3D Scanning: First of all 3D Scanning is the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models. While it enables you to quickly & accurately capture your object’s shape & geometries. Above all this process supplies you with a complete digital representation of your part. Reverse engineering, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle are also its uses.

3D scanning is the digital capture of a part in three dimensional space. Once you have a digital record of your part the data can be used for many purposes including reverse engineering, inspection, animation, historic record and virtual reality. In this process it creates “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object.

It is a technique to capture the shape of an object using a 3D scanner. Many different technologies can be used to 3D scan objects, environments and people. Above all each technology comes with its own limitations, advantages and costs.

Consequently let 3D scanning empower you with: rapid data capture, shortened production cycles, increased manufacturing efficiency, improved product quality. Likewise CAD models that reflect shop-floor changes. 3D scanning can be used in almost any engineering process and/or setting. As a result there are many different ways that the data obtained can benefit you. While most customers require post-processing of 3D scan data. In contrast it is not necessary in some situations.

So tell us your problem and we’ll do everything in our power to help you solve it. We are great project managers. Furthermore we are happy to perform large-scale service projects in addition to smaller projects. So whether you need simple STL data for 1 part, or class A surfaces of 500 parts, give us a call!