3D Customization is when a customer customizes, personalizes or designs a product in 3D. Often the changes the customer makes to the product occur in real time. They are instantly visible to the customer. Once the customer is happy with the object that they have created, they can then have it manufactured. This is usually done through digital manufacturing techniques. It includes laser cutting or 3D printing.

It is the mass 3D production of personalized goods or services for the reason that they meet the customer’s needs. We offer customized products while maintaining the low price allowed by mass production. Thanks to computer-aided manufacturing and the configuration of product directly online. Hence, the objects produced with this process are often called “made to order” or “built to order.”

As manufacturing technology starts to shift from large-scale, mass-produced consumer products to smaller, likewise 3D printed to order products a whole new level of customization will be available to customers.

3D Printing allows anyone to create something unique in a range of materials. It maybe mass customization on demand. First of all designers create the base design and hence they also set the parameters around co-design. Furthermore customers then co-design. As a result 3D printing enables the manufacturing of these bespoke products at an affordable price.